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A little operetta never hurt anyone

16 February 1977 – Wednesday

Just before Alice left to go to the Bank and shopping, Mr. Murch called from Barclays to say that our money had arrived. Alice cashed a check to draw some out and then shopped for groceries. After lunch we took Susanna to play-school (and paid £75 to Mrs. Berkery)[1] and took the tub to Trafalgar Square. The first thing we did was go to a nearby ticket agent and got tickets to the D’Ogly Carte Pirates of Penzance at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Then we went to the National Gallery and looked around quite a bit. The second day for me. We walked to Piccadilly Circus and came home. At the station (Finchley Road) Alice called Lucy Brown and got her to babysit tonight. We looked at shoes in John Barnes Store. I went to pick up Susanna while Alice stayed and bought a pair of walking shoes.

We had trout for dinner. Lucy arrived about 6:20 and we caught tube to the Angel, then walked to Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Saw Cox and Box­ (a short -30 minute-Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta about two men who unknowingly rent the same room) and then The Pirates of Penzance. The production, of course, was excellent, but we had trouble understanding the lyrics in too many cases, especially of the choruses. We got home about 11:15.

[1] We went to Barclays and bought an international money order to repay Reaves for the money we borrowed

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