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The incident with the tea boxes

23 February 1977 – Wednesday

At about 9:15 I walked to Target Car-Hire. After about an hour I had rented (hired) a yellow Vauxhall and drove it back home without any incidents. At about 10:30 we got out for Islington and got there about 11:45 to pick up Evelyn Haller. Then we drove to Cambridge, getting lost a few times. We parked in a multilevel garage and walked around. We ate lunch at the Copper Kettle. Then we went to King’s College Chapel to look around. There we got some postcards and a record after looking around. At a camera store Evelyn bought a camera case. (It was raining quite hard so we tarried there.)

Then we set out for the Fitzwilliam Museum. En route, Evelyn & Alice decided to buy some boxes “to use for sending items to the states” (65p each). At the Fitzwilliam we looked at paintings.

A quite a large collection of ancient and medieval artifacts. On the way back I went for the car while the others picked up the boxes. I got rather tangled in traffic and others went on to the chapel (for 5:30 Evensong) while I looked for a place to park.

After circling Cambridge, I found a place on Silver St. to park.

Then walked and ran to the chapel. The service had started, and the Marshall held us until a break in the service. I sat out of the main part of the chapel, while Alice, Susanna, and Evelyn were in the inner sanctum.

Afterwards we had dinner at The Whim. Back at the car we repacked the tea boxes and drove home, arriving at the Hallers at about 10:00. Bob helped us figure out a better route home; we arrived about 11:00.

Driving a car in England requires, of course, quite a bit of adjustment. Once behind the wheel, staying on the left side is not too hard to remember, but there has to be an adjustment in your mind every time you turn a corner. My most serious problem was misjudging the left side of the car. Several times I hit the curb, especially on roundabouts.

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