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Barclay bungles it again

15 February 1977 – Tuesday

Got a letter this morning (post arrives about 8:00) from Pat O’Connell (the people we met in Chicago and (p. 13) to whom I wrote last week) inviting us to visit them at Newbury in Berkshire. After breakfast I went to the bank again. Mr. Murch wasn’t working today. Another man said he had also looked for any record of money arriving and that probably Mr. Murch was mistaken about seeing it.[1]

I dropped Susanna off at play-school. Alice did laundry. I went to the British Tourist Authority to find out about King’s College Choir on Ash Wednesday. The lady knew nothing, but called Cambridge to find out. Apparently, it’s just a routine evensong service at 5:30. I also got a few books there (tourist guidebooks). On the way, I stopped at Hatchard’s Bookstore (187 Piccadilly) and looked around; also went into Fortnum & Mason). Then I walked down toward Pall Mall, thence to Trafalgar Square and into the National Gallery. I only spent 20 or 30 minutes looking at a few of the paintings. I then walked to Piccadilly Circus and returned home. Another quiet evening.

[1] The checkbook was ready. In fact, it had been ready, but the person who was supposed to send it out had been ill. Foul-up #5.

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