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12 February 1977 – Saturday

Susanna had trouble sleeping after we got home so we let her sleep late while we got ready. Lucy Brown arrived about 9:15 and we left about 9:30. Lucy & Susanna when to the zoo today. According to Susanna they saw elephants, a bear, and a mammal. We took the tube to Baker St. – Hammersmith – Ravenscourt Park and walked to the Kelmscott House on Upper mall (right on the Thames; quite a few rowers on the river al day long). The Hallers were already there. On the program of the Colloquy (“Wm Morris’ Medieval Books”) were Ronald Briggs of the Morris Society, Prof. John Fleming of Princeton, and Paul Needhelm of the Pierpont Morgan Library (New York), who talked on “The Making of Morris’ Library.” Fleming talked about some of Morris’ associates, booksellers (Elli, Quaritch[1]).

We had lunch, standing up, in the reception room. We got home around 6:00 and had dinner. Didn’t do much in the evening.

[1] For future reference, the names of the participants, taken from the supplied list, with information when known, is appended: Gary Aho (scholar on Morris’ Icelandic material), David Ansell, Adelaide Bennett, R.C.E Briggs, A.P Burton, John Chidley, Dorothy Coles, Terry Coupland, Louise Drescher (secretary for Colloquy), & Tom Drescher (Princeton grad student, also staff), John Dreyfus (Prominent Morris scholar), Melinda Dyer, R.C. (Ruth) Ellison (Icelandic, from York Med’l center), Peter Faulkner (“most prominent living Morris critic”), Joan Fleming (Mrs. John), Leonard French, Marion Giles, Evelyn & Bob Haller, Carl Huter, Leslie Jones, Laura Light, S.A. Mansbach, Penny McIntosh, Paul Needham, R.D. Parkinson, Roxane Permer, Susan Read, Susan Rowbottom, Mary Rowe, Rachel Sanger, L. Selwyn, Nick Schrimpton (scholar on Rusking & Morris), Peter Sinclair, Sheela Smith, Michael Strachan, Alan Thomas, Ray Watkinson (author of books on Morris as a designer), E.A.C. Wilson, Carol Ann Worthington. Also present was Mr. Carrol Johnson, identified as a trustee of the Morris Society.

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