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Going to the Keats house.

11 February 1977 – Friday

Alice shopped. The Westinghouse man came to fix the freezer, but he wasn’t the right man – we needed compressor work and he’s the electrician. So, I called again hoping this time to get someone here. After lunch we took Susanna to play-school and then took Bus 268 to Hampstead, where we then went to the KEATS HOUSE. We spent about 30 mins. There, then walked on a path on Hampstead Heath. We took the bus back and picked up Susanna. At 4:30 our babysitter, named Isabella (last name?) arrived. We took Underground to the Haller’s where we had dinner. Bob went to try for tickets to The Duchess of Malfi. He got them and we got there for the play. We got home by about 11:20. I walked Isabella part-way home.


About 23 years after this trip, my husband Chris and I moved into a house on Keats Avenue (but in South Carolina). I have gotten so far behind on this blog because of a terrible computer problem. As of now, 3/20/2022 my computer has been replaced and is wonderful. I'm working on catching up and should be up to date soon!
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