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Hello Lucy

7 February 1977 Monday

We went to the Swiss Cottage Citizens Advice Bureau for lists of Play Schools and of Doctors. Picked up TV stand on the way back (from Olympic Electronics) and got Postal Order to send £6 to Wm Morris Centre for Colloquy on Saturday. Dropped off one roll of film at Kodak store near Underground Station. After lunch Alice called Broadhurst Nursery School and we went to take a look – it’s just around the corner. Talked with Mrs. Berkery [Barkry] and looked at the facilities. Then we walked to another place which only had morning sessions, we were told. It started raining before we got home. Alice called Flo Brown, a friend of Bob Payne’s, who also recommended the Broadhurst School. Her daughter, Lucy, called back and agreed to baby-sit on Saturday while we go to the Colloquy on Wm Morris.

Bob came over to inventory the contents of the flat, to go along with the rental agreement.

After supper, another night watching some TV.


7 February 2022 Monday

Lucy ended up being my frequent babysitter. I don't know that we have any pictures of her, but I remember little snippets like sitting on the upper deck of a bus with Lucy and her boyfriend as we went to the zoo.
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