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Telephone books and Iron mongers

17 February 1977 – Thursday

We had a slow morning. Susanna’s play-school has a holiday (also tomorrow and Monday). Alice called the telephone company and after being shunted through 6 people found out we could have telephone books in three weeks, or we could go to Shaftsbury Street and pick them up.[1] After lunch we all three took tube to Piccadilly Circus. We looked in several stores: bought some maps at Hatchard’s; looked at Umbrellas in Swain, Adeney Briggs & Son, but the cheapest was £18/ Went to Fortnum & Mason. Got a package of tea for Dave and Eva Christiansen and had it sent. Got an umbrella at Simpson’s (Piccadilly), and needed it right away. We walked to Telephone Office & got phone books (3 of them; we already had S-Z).

Also, while around Piccadilly Circus, we went to Design Centre and looked at toy exhibit. Bought a finger puppet theatre for Goldilocks and the Three Bears for Susanna.

When we got back to Finchley Road we got some items at John Barnes and at the Iron Monger store (hardware). In the evening we spent a good bit of time playing with Susanna’s theatre.

[1] Sent money order to Reaves.

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