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The cab driver always rings once

4 February 1977 Friday

At 7:00 A.M. the doorbell rang. I went and found a cab driver looking for a Miss Bell to take to the airport. I don’t know if he found her. I was up when the phone rang about 9:15. It was Barclay’s Bank with someone telling me they had given me the wrong account number. He gave me another.

We spent most of the day cleaning. Alice went to the shop and didn’t get back until 3:00, and then I had to run to the bank to get a draught to pay the deposit to the solicitor and to get some cash. Mr. Murch was helpful in getting these done. When I returned home, I had some lunch and then the television rental people came with our black & white TV set. They brought the wrong plug (Alice had given them the wrong info) so borrowed one from a lamp. Later we walked there to exchange plug, and also get a different plug for electric blanket (it wouldn’t work without adapter). Also did a little more shopping.

Alice was able to get the telephone dial to work and called Evelyn Haller. We had a late supper. But we didn’t watch much TV.


4 February 2022 Friday

It's a good thing there isn't much happening since my tech issues persist.

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