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The kind of furniture you can't buy

10 February 1977 – Thursday

Alice walked to West Finchley, mainly to look for the community center for Baby-sitter listings. Not much luck. We had lunch and took Susanna to play-school. Then we went via Metropolitan and District lines to Earls Court Exhibition Center to see the International Furniture Exhibit. We spent a couple of hours looking around. The furniture seemed to be of two main styles: Scandinavian, or old traditional, campy, with lots of frills. There didn’t seem to be anything new. We somehow took the wrong train from Earls Court and had to go by Embankment Station and come up the Bakerloo line. We were a little late. Susanna was the last child to be picked up.

Alice & Susanna went to the store for bubble bath. I came home, then went to W.H. Smith, then John Barnes for cards.

Lucy Brown came by to meet us (and Susanna). Alice called another babysitter (named Isabella) and we will have her tomorrow night. After dinner we watched TV.

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