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14 February 1977 – Monday

At breakfast we exchanged Valentines. We decided to go to a Volkswagen dealer in Colindale (NW9) to inquire about a car for Tom Tealey. This place advertised in In Britain. We waited for about 20 minutes for the CII Minibus. Alice decided to take Susanna back home. I waited a little longer then walked toward Finchley Road. The bus never came. I got stamps at the P.O., and then went to Barclay’s bank. Mr. Murch thought he remembered seeing our money come in, but after an extensive search, he couldn’t find any evidence. He promised he would keep looking and call me. This is Barclay’s 4th foul-up for us!

After lunch we took Susanna to play-school, then picked up slides at Kodak dealer; took the tube to Kingsbury then the bus to Colindale. We walked the wrong way at first but finally found Colindale VW and located the right person. The man in charge of export cars (to USA, etc) is Trevor Wood. He gave us some price comparisons and suggested that it would be impractical to buy a car for Tom. The likelihood of getting a Diesel is quite low—probably impossible. We took bus and tube back and picked up Susanna. Had roast beef for dinner—quite good. I wrote to Tom Tealey, and we wrote several other cards and letters. (forgot to mention: a letter from Reaves & Betty arrived in the mail this morning—our first overseas mail at this address).

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